THE MIND: senses, thoughts, from reaction to action + 4 types of walking meditation



  • 4 lessons lasting 2-3 hours divided into 9-10 steps to be done in your own time
  • 8 downloadable guided meditations for you
  • 4 downloadable guided walking meditations for you
  • 6 worksheet exercises (more fun than it sounds)
  • 4 multiple choice quizzes (definitely more fun than it sounds)
  • 24 video talks
  • a total of ca. 12 hours of material (6 hours of guided meditations)
  • personalised support by me for all your questions and difficulties (by email or Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp Video)
  • access to the online meditation meetings of the TALO WebSangha

Lesson 5 - Get free from conditioning! All we see, hear, smell, taste or touch generates at once a pleasant or unpleasant feeling. This reaction can influence us very much and nearly always is the beginning of a series of negative thoughts and emotions most of which are totally unnecessary. In this lesson you'll learn how to become free from this conditioning by experiencing in meditation that this reaction is only pleasant or unpleasant - but not more! When you put this into practice in real life an enormous potential of personal freedom becomes available. You'll know how to be happy independently from pleasant or unpleasant sensations.

Lesson 6 - From reaction to action! The more we become able to observe our pleasant and unpleasant sensations during meditation the more we learn to not onìy react to what's going on around us. This way we really become free and independent people who are really able two act based on their own decisions and not only to react. Up to now everybody and everything could influence your mood - because you reacted like remotely controlled by your environment. If for example someone around you is in a bad mood and emanates negative energy he or she will not have this huge influence on you any more. You go from reaction to action and really begin to be the master of your own life.

Lesson 7 - Stop poisoning yourself by negative thinking! The endless stream of unconscious thinking in you generates nothing but aversion and attachment. These "mental poisons" (Buddha) create continuous suffering. With the meditation techniques you've learnt in the previous six lessons you are now able to observe your thoughts with lovingkindness and you don't water the seeds of suffering in your thinking any more. You're beginning to gradually become free from unconscious negative thinking and this way you open the door wide to a life of happiness. If you continue with this meditative training of mindful observation of your thoughts success is now nearly unavoidable.

Lesson 8 - Freedom! In this lesson we put the meditative freedom into practice in three steps: 1) Freedom from compulsive thinking - 2) Freedom from compulsive action - 3) Freedom from suffering. You will increasingly create a distance between you and your unconscious thinking. This distance becomes a space with an enormous potential of freedom and happiness. You can now simply decide to move into that space and remain there - free from compulsive thinking & doing, free from suffering. Step-by-step and day by day you live your life now with strong component of silence, inner peace and meditative openness. Wellcome to the realm of freedom.

Your Instructor

Volker Winkler
Volker Winkler

I've been practicing buddhist meditation for nearly 20 years now (Zen / Vipassana / Thich Nhat Hanh) and I've been teaching it for over 10 years in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Southamerica. In 2014 I wrote and published the book "Gehmeditation im Alltag" (Walking Meditation In Everyday Life) in German which was published in 2015 also in Italian.

I live and work in Ticino/Switzerland teaching meditation and transformation in courses, seminars and individual therapy-sessions live and online.

By adding a component of emotional and energetic transformation to the buddhist meditation practice of the "Four Foundations of Mindfulness" (Satipatthana) using guided visualized meditations I developed the TALO®-Meditation: "Transformation through Awareness and Love".
I experienced the effectiveness of TALO® first on myself and then saw impressive changes over the years in many of my practicing friends and clients. I'm sure it can help you as well.

Liberate your mind,
heal your emotions
and enjoy life
more and more every day!

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